The State of Philosophy

15th Annual Duquesne Graduate Students in Philosophy Conference
8th Annual Duquesne Women in Philosophy Conference
Co-Organized by Minorities and Philosophy at Duquesne University

The conference was held on 2 & 3 April 2022.
Dr. Talia Mae Bettcher of California State University, Los Angeles, gave the Keynote.

The Panelists' abstracts, handouts, and Q&A questions are available on this website.
The Padlet responses are also available for your perusal.
The Critical Philosophical Resources Padlet will remain live.

The State of Philosophy Conference


Conference Planning Committee

Jack Berg (Co-chair)
Lillianne John (Co-chair)
Elizabete Mežinska
Gabriela Sanchez
Gizem Atalay

With Thanks To

Adam Strakna
Christopher Lutz
Dan Cook
Eva Chrysochoou
Fraser Fontane
Gaia Ferrari
John Henry Reilly
Michael Polios
Sparkles Stanford
Thomas Szwedska
Will Conway
Zach Slanger

Dr. Daniel Selcer & the Department of Philosophy at Duquesne University
Ashley Kane & The Center for Student Involvment at Duquesne University
Michael Kozar & Conference & Event Services at Duquesne University

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The State of Philosophy Conference

Event Posters

The State of Philosophy Conference

Event Schedule

Fri | Apr 16:00 PM—8:30 PMPre-Conference Virtual Social via Topia
Sat | Apr 29:30 AM—9:45 AMConference Welcome
Sat | Apr 29:45 AM—11:30 AMPanel 1: Decolonizing Philosophy (View Q&A questions here)
Sat | Apr 21:00 PM—2:45 PMPanel 2: Responsible Philosophizing (View Q&A questions here)
Sat | Apr 23:00 PM—4:30 PMVirtual Social via Topia
Sun | Apr 39:30 AM—11:00 AMPanel 3: Trans Philosophy (View Q&A questions here)
Sun | Apr 312:30 PM—2:15 PMPanel 4: Challenging Philosophy (View Q&A questions here)
Sun | Apr 33:45 PM—5:30 PMKeynote: What is Philosophy? A Trans Philosophical Approach by Dr. Talia Mae Bettcher with Q&A (Abstract | Q&A | Recording)
Sun | Apr 35:30 PM—5:45 PMConference Close & Virtual Social via Topia

Panel Presentations

Day 1 | Panel 1 | Decolonizing Philosophy
moderated by Gaia Ferrari
Click Here for Panel 1 Abstracts
Colette S Jung: Philosophy, Power, Intelligibility
Mara Gonzalez: Decolonizing Philosophical Education in the Mexican Classroom
Benjamin Jacobi: Questioning Universals in the Political Sphere of 21st-Century Philosophy: Empire, Truth, and Liberation Praxis
Dawud Omar: The Prohibition of Philosophy in Muslim Communities

Day 1 | Panel 2 | Responsible Philosophizing
moderated by Christopher Lutz
Click Here for Panel 2 Abstracts
Cassie Finley: Learning from Plato: Just Philosophy is Public Philosophy (Handout Here)
Andrew Stewart: Justifying Political Philosophy
Gaspard Lemaire: The Influence of Philosophy on International Law: The Case of Ecocide
Shahdah Mahhouk: Knowledge of One’s Ability and Collective Moral Obligation: Do You Need to Know that You Can Change the World?

Day 2 | Panel 3 | Trans Philosophy
moderated by Elizabete Mežinska
Click Here for Panel 3 Abstracts
Laila Moawd: Who Gets to Speak!: The Incompleteness of Trans Narratives
Courtney Earl: The Guillotine of Inclusive Policy: Suicide in the Trans Community
Logan Mitchell: Academic Freedom and the Legitimacy of Transphobic Views

Day 2 | Panel 4 | Challenging Philosophies
moderated by Sparkles Stanford
Click Here for Panel 4 Abstracts
Lucas Buchanan Carroll: Writing and Hubris
Rhona J. Flynn: Digging Outside the Field: Animalization and Animality, Within and Beyond Academic Philosophy
Kyeongkeun Lee: Conceptual Analysis and Conceptual Engineering (Handout Here)
Daniel Smith: The Repression of Emerson and the State of Philosophy (Handout Here)

Also Consider Attending:

The Psychology Department at Duquesne University is hosting a public lecture by Dr. Nelson Maldonado-Torres titled Frantz Fanon, Counter-catastrophic Psychology, and Combative Decoloniality (click to join) on April 1, 2022 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT.

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's 'A Concert for Peace' is being livestreamed (for free) in support of humanitarian relief for the people of Ukraine on April 2, 2022 at 7:30 PM EDT. Available to stream for 30 more days!